Expert Witness

An Expert Witness is allowed to give opinions in a trial or hearing due to specialized knowledge in a scientific or technical field; in this case, the field of arboriculture. Consulting Certified Arborist Daniel J. Maple is our Senior Consultant, and is well respected for his ability to document evidence, superior communication skills, forensic investigations, and pragmatism. Daniel Maple is articulate and knowledgeable under cross-examination. Before agreeing to act as an expert witness, Daniel will want to discuss your situation with you or your attorney. Please contact us for more information.

Some Areas of Service include:

  • Line of Sight and other Safety Issues
  • Tree Accidents Investigation and Accident Reconstruction
  • Personal Injury related to Tree Defects
  • Parks and other Public Areas
  • Tree Property Value and Plant Damage Assessment
  • Tree Appraisal and Valuation of Landscape Plants
  • Tree Inspections and Risk Assessment
  • Tree and Neighbor Law Issues: Border and Boundary Line Tree Disputes
  • Issues of Negligent or Intentional Trespass and Property Damage
  • Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Lightning / Storm Damage Evaluation
  • Tree Preservation During Construction
  • Loss to Eminent Domain Taking
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Witness Testimony