Soil Profile:
Using an auger system we can inspect your soil profile to determine how the existing conditions may be affecting your landscape. Soil is an essential component of tree health and stability. We can provide Soil Analysis to determine if your soil has deficiencies or excessive levels of particular elements and recommend an appropriate fertilization program for your site’s needs. With the use of a tensiometer we can provide soil moisture analysis and monitoring.

Once we have tested your soil’s moisture levels and composition, we make sure it has the ingredients it needs to grow healthy plants.

PH and Nutrients: Two major factors determine how well plants can grow in your soil:

PH Levels – Soils that are too acidic – or not acidic enough – can leave plants susceptible to disease, inhibit them from absorbing essential nutrients, and can lead to smaller, weaker, and less-productive plants. While all plants have slightly different optimal pH levels, most will do well with levels between 6 and 7 (considered a neutral pH).

Nutrient levels –  Minerals like phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium and several micro-nutrients are vital to a healthy soil.

We take several soil samples and send them to a lab for analysis. With the results from the lab we can then devise a custom fertilization plan for your specific tree or plant.

Sometimes when the proper nutrients are in the soils and your plant is having health issues, we will send plant tissues to the lab for analysis, this information along with the results from the soil sample, may be needed to provide you with the optimum solution to meet your tree’s needs. Contact us and see if we can help your trees be all they can be.