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Balsam Woolly Adelgid and Spruce Adelgid

Balsam Woolly Adelgid        (Adelges piceae) Distribution:   Introduced from Europe around 1900, this pest is now common throughout eastern North America wherever true firs are grown. Infestations are also present along the Pacific West Coast.   Hosts:  All true firs, Abies, can be attacked but balsam fir and Fraser fir are the most common firs [...]

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The Benefits of Airspading Your Trees

    Contact us and see if the Airspade is the right solution for your tree health care needs Click Here for More Airspade Info.                                                  

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Soil Health and Nutrition

Soil Profile: Using an auger system we can inspect your soil profile to determine how the existing conditions may be affecting your landscape. Soil is an essential component of tree health and stability. We can provide Soil Analysis to determine if your soil has deficiencies or excessive levels of particular elements and recommend an appropriate [...]

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Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning Services Many people want to retain trees when new developments are being planned, whether it be a new single family house, or entire subdivisions. But, not all trees are suitable for retention, and some will be right where development is being planned. Effective land use planning and tree retention can only be [...]

Expert Witness

Expert Witness An Expert Witness is allowed to give opinions in a trial or hearing due to specialized knowledge in a scientific or technical field; in this case, the field of arboriculture. Consulting Certified Arborist Daniel J. Maple is our Senior Consultant, and is well respected for his ability to document evidence, superior communication skills, [...]

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