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Tree Appraisals

Trees have value.  Beyond the aesthetic, they clean our air, shade our homes, enhance our quality of life, and add to the value of our property.  Should your trees be damaged or destroyed, you may need to know their monetary value?  A tree appraisal is particularly important when trees are of an age or size [...]

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Whether you have a question on the health of 1 plant or you need a Risk Assessment and an Inventory of every tree in city. The Consultants here at A.B.C. Consulting Arborist LLC are here to provide you with scientific state of the art solutions for all of your Tree Management Needs. A Consulting Arborist [...]

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Municipal Tree Inventories

Construction/Land-use/Municipal. Tree & Vegetation Inventory We provide inventories of trees or under-story vegetation for Municipalities, Developers, Campuses and the Private sector for general land use planning. A.B.C. Consulting Arborists LLC also offers tree-related policy development and implementation services. We can be a valuable adjunct to your planning team, by assisting surveyors in completing accurate tree [...]

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Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization is the preferred and most effective method for fertilizing trees and shrubs. Through this process, a liquid, time-release fertilizer is pressure-injected in a grid pattern into the root zone of the tree or shrub. Well-nourished trees and shrubs have better resistance to disease, insect attack, and drought. Deep root fertilizing can help [...]

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Cabling And Bracing

Urban trees often need some degree of supplemental, physical support to reduce the risk of structural failure of the crown or root system. Cabling, bracing, guying and staking can provide a solution for these tree failures. Tree-support systems help support the tree by limiting the movement of branches, leaders or the entire tree. They can [...]

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