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Japanese Snowbell “Styrax Japonicus”

The Japanese snowbell tree “Styrax japonicus”, also sometimes called the Japanese snowdrop tree, is hardy in Sunset’s Climate Zones 4 to 9, 14 to 21, 32 to 34 and 39. This graceful native of Japan, China and Korea takes its name from the delicate bell-shaped flowers produced in clusters in springtime. The white blossoms are [...]

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Sunscald Injury or Southwest Injury on Deciduous Trees

This fact sheet discusses sunscald, a significant problem that causes wounding on the trunk of many thin barked trees in cold winter climates. It includes a discussion of why it happens and describes how you can reduce or prevent its occurrence. Sunscald or southwest winter injury presents a significant threat to the trunks and [...]

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Air Spade / Root Flare Excavation

Root Crown and Root Investigations Base Investigation and Clearing Root Flares Using the Air-Spade® The Air-Spade is a hand-held soil excavation tool connected to a large air compressor.  The high pressure stream of air is funneled through a small nozzle breaking dense soils apart into small particles.  By using air to excavate soil, delicate roots, [...]

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Balsam WoollyAdelgid (Adelges piceae)

Introduced from Europe around 1900, this pest is now common throughout eastern North America wherever true firs are grown. Infestations are also present along the Pacific West Coast. Hosts: All true firs, Abies, can be attacked but balsam fir and Fraser fir are the most common firs trees attacked. Both western and eastern Hemlocks [...]

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Flooding and its Effect on your Trees

Flood damage to trees develops in three primary ways: 1) acute soil and tree changes because of saturated and inundated soil conditions; 2) flood water physically knocking over trees; and, 3) chronic problems associated with a changing environment and modified tree reactivity. Most trees and woody shrubs are not adapted well to flooded conditions. There [...]

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