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Firewise/Defensible Space Planning

Create a defensible space plan and implement the plan Before its to late! Here at A.B.C. Consulting Arborist we take tree management seriously, and fire safety is a real area of concern for us, especially in light of  global warming and the effects it is having on our Urban and Native forests. The following is [...]

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Shoreline Tree Management

Shoreline Management of trees is a complex issue, it involves a through knowledge of, Soils, Hydrology,Geology, Tree Biology, Tides/Ocean-currents and Complex Gravitational forces. The following is a brief  overview of just some of the impacts we have to Assess as we look to manage our shorelines and comply with the federally mandated "Shoreline Management Act" [...]

Tree Risk Assessments

Our Approach:  In today’s busy world, and especially in urban areas, there are many demands on a finite land base. Some people want to retain trees for all sorts of reasons, such as beauty, shade, habitat, or screening. But not everyone likes trees, often for equally valid reasons. They grow large and block views, and [...]

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Trees,Liabilities and the Laws

Property  Liability and your trees                  .   Although trees add tremendous value to the landscape,                  if they are not monitored and cared for properly,                                                      they can become a legal liability Premises Liability and You Most property owners don’t realize that if they own property with trees they are legally considered a “Tree Steward”. [...]

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Integrated Pest Management

Here at A.B.C. Consulting Arborist LLC we believe in Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. We believe in the use of pesticides as a last resort, and target the identified pest or disease with as much precision as possible, and we rotate the active ingredients to minimize pest(s)/disease(s) building a resistance to chemical controls. The over use [...]

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